Drone japan guideline,aviation law,and regulation

In Japan, drone became under the control of aviation law in December 2015.

With this regulation, it was necessary to obtain permission when using the drone to make the following flight.


1 Flight in population concentration district

2 Flight over 150 meters altitude

3 Flight near the airport

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For population concentration districts, it can be easily examined on the website of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.However, it will be in Japanese.


In addition, in order to fly the following, it is necessary to obtain different permission from the above permission.

1 Flight at night time

2 Visual outside flight(Operate with images such as a monitor without looking directly at the drones)

3 Flight that can not separate drone more than 30 meters from people and goods

(Things other than natural objects such as buildings, cars, traffic lights, etc.)

4 Flight near entertainment · event

(Conventions, parties, concerts, etc.)

5 Transport of dangerous goods

(Especially spraying of pesticides)

6 Throwing objects

(Especially spraying of pesticides)


To fly these flights you need permission.Even if the pilot is a foreigner, it is no exception.


Besides the aviation law, special consideration is necessary when flying over important cultural assets, near important government facilities, over the land of others.


Penalty of Aviation law

If you do not acquire permission when doing the above flight it will be a fine of 500,000 yen or less.

Drone’s flight involves various laws besides the aviation law, it is dangerous to consider only the aviation law.

We strongly recommend that you consult an expert.


Permission requirements

Aviation law is complicated.This is also the same as Drone’s permission requirement.

Therefore it is not efficient to explain everything of aviation focus on the requirements to shoot with a drone.


Flight record for more than 10 hours

A flight record of 10 hours or more is required for each drone model.

Stable flight, hovering, take off, landing rise, descent, horizontal movement etc.

Flight performance must be at least 10 hours for each type of drone.

For example, even if you have a 20 hour flight record with Phantom 3, it will not work with Phantom 4.A separate flight performance of 10 hours or more is necessary for Phantom 4.




Knowledge to fly drone

Regarding aviation law, it is difficult for Japanese people to understand everything.So it is enough to have knowledge of the part about the drones’ flight.

In addition, in order to safely fly drones, it is necessary not only knowledge of aviation law but knowledge and experience about flight rules and weather, knowledge of drone safety, knowledge of daily maintenance method.


Security verification

Safety confirmation is the confirmation of the third person, dangerous goods etc. around the flight route, confirmation of the remaining amount of the battery, and confirmation whether the propo works safely.


Governance of safety

Like the car, the drones also have a manner of safety confirmation.

:Do not drink when you fly a drone.

:Confirm surroundings of drone flight

:Do not bring the drone close to the aircraft

… These are natural morals, but they are especially necessary in Drone’s flight.


As a governance, it is necessary to establish a contact system for emergency situations when you hit a person or damage yourself.

Therefore it is extremely dangerous to fly drones alone.Not only the pilot but also several assistants are needed.



Accept permission

In order to obtain permission, you need to apply to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

As soon as the application is accepted, it will be accepted as soon as three weeks, generally one month or so.

The most important thing to notice is that you will need the information and serial number of the drones.

If you are trying to get Drone ‘s permission while you are outside of Japan, agent cooperation will be required.

Expert opinion is necessary to determine whether permission is necessary or not, or what kind of flight is legally safe.

The image above is the actual application form↑.

Of course everything is in Japanese.Collaborators are necessary because it is difficult for Japanese to understand.


Notes other than the aviation law

Civil law

In the Japanese Civil law, the rights of the land will lie above the land.

Therefore, if drone fly over the land of another person, you need permission from another person.

Since public roads and parks are also public, of course, permission from the administrator is necessary.

These are somewhat off the civil law, but it is the same reason.


Cultural property protection law

Cultural assets designated by the Cultural Property Protection Law need more delicate consideration.

Japan has a long history, and many cultural properties are historically important documents.

Considering the risks such as when the drone collides with cultural properties, you can think that there is regulation beyond the civil law.


Government critical facility, nuclear power plant

Near Government important facilities and nuclear power plants,The risk of flying the drone is greater than freedom to fly the drones.

Therefore it is natural that there are legal regulations.





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